3 Fundamentals To Developing A Memorable Personal Brand

3 Fundamentals To Developing A Memorable Personal Brand

Are You Standing Out?

Are you trying to land your dream job or simply grow a following online? Well, there are many people that probably have the same aspirations as you, as well as the same credentials. But if you are a competing with other individuals from your industry head to head, how are you going to stand out?

Become An Influencer

If you want to become an influencer in your field or start a new career then the only way to differentiate yourself from the competition is by building a personal brand people will remember. Obviously, you are a unique individual that has many skills but do other people know this? Whether your goal is to become a bestselling author or a fitness icon, you need to start building your personal brand today.
So let’s get started and don’t worry, if you aren’t sure where to start here are the three fundamentals you need to consider if you are trying to develop a memorable personal brand.

1. Authenticity

If you are going to be building your personal brand, the most important concept that you need to remember is authenticity. You need to develop a personal brand that is legitimate, creative and authentic. For example, if you lie and try to present yourself as a billionaire when you aren’t, people realize this misrepresentation very quickly. Thus, be real about your interests, strengths, and personality because that is what people will fall in love with. Furthermore, building a personal brand that is authentic will be easier to maintain and manage because you won’t have to try to present yourself as someone that you are not.
In addition, I highly recommend that you sit down and determine your personal strengths, interests, unique characteristics and what you want to be known for. This will give you a better understanding of how you can develop your personal brand while maintaining consistency. Also, this process will help you showcase your most distinct attributes to others along with your originality. For example, one interesting non-career related aspect of my life is rock climbing as it sets me apart from others and it is always an interesting topic to bring up in conversations.

2. Consistency

Once you begin developing your personal brand remember that consistency is key. You need to make sure you present yourself consistently across all platforms and mediums. Consistency is important for developing a focused and memorable personal brand that has the potential to build a following. Basically, consistency effects your personal brand’s reputation and it has the potential to build long-term trust and credibility. For example, if you present yourself professionally in person but on Twitter and Facebook you post disrespectful or malicious content, your reputation will be negatively impacted. Furthermore, if you are inconsistent there is no amount of positive personal branding that can be done to stop people from believing you are a walking contradiction.
So make sure you are being consistent and professional when presenting your personal brand, whether you are a plumber or doctor, your reputation is always on the line. Thus, make sure you focus on building a personal brand with a consistent message.

3. Professionalism

One thing I have noticed in regards to personal branding is that being professional is very underrated especially on digital channels. When building your brand you need to understand who people would prefer doing business with or simply hiring. Do they want a person who posts alcohol and drug videos online? Absolutely not. So even if you don’t post this type of content online, simply utilizing swear words and disrespectful communication tactics could have the same negative effect on your brand.
Thus, acting as a professional is as important online as it is in person. Your professionalism needs to reach much further than just the workplace and the boardroom table. You should have professionalism oozing out of your personal brand because you want people to have a positive persona about you online and in person. So make sure you always act professional when presenting your personal brand and treat it as you would the brand of an organization.

Start Building Your Personal Brand

So now that you have a better understanding of personal branding I implore you to start building your personal brand. Building a positively perceived personal brand will benefit you for the rest of your life and could be what differentiates you from others. Thus, start developing your personal brand today, by being authentic to yourself, consistent across mediums and professional.

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