3 Lessons That I Learnt At The Art Of Marketing Conference

3 Lessons That I Learnt At The Art Of Marketing Conference

Attending The Art Of Marketing Conference

At the beginning of April, I received an incredible opportunity to attend, “The Art of Marketing” conference. I am grateful that I was given a chance to attend the conference and document the valuable day with my blog and vlog.

What is “The Art of Marketing”?

The Art of Marketing conference was a jam-packed day of learning as there were six exceptional keynote speeches throughout the day. The speakers for the conference were Ann HandleyRon TiteRyan HolidayTerry O’ReillyJonah Berger and Troy Carter. As you can see, the speaking roster was filled with a bunch of seasoned marketing juggernauts. So I was excited to learn from these unbelievable industry influencers in regards to their marketing specializations, personal journey, and experiences.

Three Lessons That I Learnt

After experiencing the 2017 Art of Marketing I can honestly tell you that I was able to learn a lot and grow as a marketer. Thus, I would love to share with you all of the lessons that I learned at the conference but I figured it would be easier to simply give you three of the main concepts I gained valuable knowledge about.

So here are three concepts that I gained insights and inspiration from at the 2017 Art of Marketing conference:

1. Be Creative

One of the recurring themes discussed throughout the conference was the power of creativity and thinking outside of the box. A few of the speakers that spoke in depth about creativity and creative problem solving were the following:
  • Ron Tite

    Ron Tite’s keynote focused on how everyone can be an artist in their own way, no matter how much the status quo thinks art should be restricted to visual art. Furthermore, not only did he debunk one of the most well-known problems in society in terms of creativity (people don’t think they are creative), he explained that creativity can help you stand out in any field. Additionally, Ron used humor in his keynote to show that creativity is key for creating engagement and standing out in a noisy world.

  • Jonah Berger

    Jonah burger spoke about becoming influential through differentiation, optimal distinctiveness, and identity signaling. These three concepts utilize creativity because it forces the marketer to better understand their audience then implement new creative alternatives to communicate their message. In addition, Jonah dove into the science of influence and how individuals can strategically use creativity to differentiate themselves and become more influential.

  • Terry O’Rielly

    Terry O’ Rielly, discussed in depth about how to utilize creativity and critical thinking in advertising and problem-solving. One of the major lessons he shared with the audience was about the importance of creating constraints in problem-solving because it forces you to actual create instead of dwell on alternatives.

2. Be Bold

It is obvious that it is important to be bold when marketing if you want your message and brand to stand out from competitors. So in terms of being bold, there were many speakers that discussed tactics to help companies differentiate themselves through content marketing, growth hacking, and advertising. Thus, here are three of the most noteworthy lessons that I learned about being bold in a crowded marketplace.
  • Ann Handley

    Ann Handley spoke about how it is important to be bigger, bolder and braver when it comes to content marketing. This is due to the fact that your audience will only want to engagement with content that is unique, intriguing and beneficial. Furthermore, Ann explained how it is crucial for companies and brands to not play it safe when utilizing content marketing if they want to reach the masses and go viral. This is because if you play it safe when it comes to content marketing, your potential audience will scroll by it on their new feeds like every other generic piece of content posted online daily.

  • Ryan Holiday

    Ryan Holiday is known for being bold because he is a growth hacker that has shown how taking the plunge to be different is key to scaling companies and brands. Thus, Ryan discussed how it is important to start growth hacking from the start of product development. This is due to the fact that the most successful growth hacked products such as, were “engineered to be Viral”.

  • Terry O’Reilly

    In regards to problem-solving Terry O’Reilly gave specific strategic insights about how someone can solve complex problems with bold counter-intuitive thinking. He showcased that many of the most complex issues actually have the solution inside of the obstacle. This realization forces individuals and companies to make bolder decisions when using counter-intuitive thinking to assess situations and solve difficult problems.

3. You Can Always Re-Brand Yourself

Another key lesson that I learned was that many of the high-achieving speakers that I watched, actually spoke about how they have re-branded themselves over the years to pursue new opportunities. This is a very interesting topic because it just goes to show that even if you are an expert in a certain field you can always pursue a new opportunity and re-brand yourself. In regards to re-branding, Troy Carter gave an inspiring example of how he has personally shifted focus in his life to pursue new paths.
  • Troy Carter

    Troy Carter had a fascinating keynote speech as he told his life story and how he has gone about re-branding throughout his career. As many people know, Troy Carter is Lady Gaga’s former manager but a lot of people don’t know is that he is an avid investor. This is very interesting because although Troy was known as the “music guy” he was able to re-brand himself to also be known as an investor and venture capitalist.

My Experience at the 2017 Art of Marketing

Furthermore, the 2017 Art of Marketing conference was a fantastic experience and I am very happy that I was given an opportunity to attend. In one day, I was able to gain a vast amount of knowledge in regards to different disciplines of marketing and career development. But not only did I get a chance to learn from some amazing speakers, I was also able to meet some of the speakers such as Ryan Holiday and Jonah Berger.  Meeting these speakers was an incredible experience because I was able to ask them questions and simply thank them for the inspiration.

Are You Attending The 2018 Art of Marketing?

So if you are a marketing professional or a student in business, you need to make sure you mark your calendar for the 2018 Art of Marketing conference. I highly recommend this conference to anyone looking to develop their professional and marketing skills from some of the highest achievers in the industry. Thus, make an investment in yourself by attending educational conferences such as the Art of Marketing because they will help you in the long run.
So, will I be seeing you at the 2018 Art of Marketing?

If you found this article insightful then check out my vlog from the Art of Marketing Conference.

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