3 Ways The Internet Of Things (IoT) Is Positively Changing The World

3 Ways The Internet Of Things (IoT) Is Positively Changing The World

Our Interconnected Society

We live in the age of interconnected technology and it is a great time to be alive. We are able to utilize devices to access information about any topic and use tools that were never available to our grandparents. The advancements in the internet and technology has created new jobs and fields while making our lives easier. But we often don’t reflect about how this technology is impacting our lives. Do you remember a time before using your iPod or smart phone? Although it was not to long ago, we seem to be so immersed in our technology that we forget this technology is still very new to world and that it is constantly improving. In addition, as technology continues to advance we will see a greater dependence a phenomenon called, the internet of things (IoT) which will bring greater efficiency and convenience to our lives. Furthermore, there are three key ways in which the internet of things (IoT) is positively changing the world as we know it.

1. Connectivity

The internet of things provides greater connectivity amongst smart devices making it easier for technology to communicate. This connectivity is using technology such as applications and cloud computing to make accessing and moving information easier. This technology can be seen in devices like Apple in which the Apple Watch, Apple iPod, Apple iPhone and Apple Macbook are all constantly updated with your latest information. This makes accessing our information and data extremely easy and less time consuming. In addition, we can even notice the improved connectivity amongst devices being applied within our homes from innovations such as the Nest ThermostatBose Bluetooth speaker systemsand Apple Tv boxes.

2. Accessibility

The internet of things is making it easier for users to access the internet and all of their data anywhere, anytime. With the increased accessibility amongst devices it is easier for users to use and access their information from any smart devices. Accessibility is possible due to the increased availability of the internet, lower costing technology infrastructures and the scalability of software products.  This can be seen in different aspects of our lives as even developing countries and small family owned restaurants have free public WiFi access. Thus, the internet of things has made a world in which accessing information online is quicker than making a phone call.

3. Dependability

Unfortunately, with interconnected smart devices and ease of accessing information, our society has grown to depend on our technological devices. Many people treat there devices like a child because they are afraid of losing any information on their device. But the internet of things is actually improving this fear of losing information. The internet of things allows devices to easily sync across networks and platforms making information safe and secure. So now there seems to be a shift in users not just depending on their devices but more heavily reliant on the cloud platforms. This is an interesting shift and it is definitely a positive trend because the internet of things is making it easier for consumers to rely on technology. Therefore, the internet of things has made the fear of losing your device, breaking your device or getting your device stolen, a lot less scary in terms of losing information.

The Impact of the Internet of Things

The internet of things has changed the world and it will continue to improve our standard of living. But with all this accessible information, dependence on cloud computing platforms and the inter-connectivity of smart devices; what are we giving up? Are we giving up our privacy and security, or is that just a trade off? Or is our privacy and security improving along with this technology advancements? Whatever the case may be, in the coming years we will continue to see the positive impacts of the internet of things but we will also unfortunately see some of the negative impacts of interconnected technology.

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