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4 Simple Social Media Tips For Power Users

4 Simple Social Media Tips For Power Users

Grow Your Social Media Following

Are you looking to grow your following on social media? If you are then you have come to the right place. Social networks are a saturated market of people simply trying to stand out and grow a following. But if you follow the right processes, create quality content and diversify your brand, then you will stand out amongst the mere mortals. If you are looking to grow a following and become a power user on social media then follow these four tips.

1. Completely Fill Out Your Profile Information

A common error amongst social media users that are looking to grow a following is that they don’t complete their profile. If you are not a well-known brand or icon, then you must fill out your profile information or else people won’t know who you are. You need to make sure you not only have a profile picture and website link but also a profile description and any other relevant information. Thus, when you have finished setting up your initial social media profile, make sure all of your profile fields or most, have been filled with relevant information. This is a simple and effective way to increase your following on social networking websites and apps.

2. Regularly Use Relevant and Popular #Hashtags

If you don’t already incorporate hashtags in your social media posts, then start doing that now. By simply incorporating one hashtag in ever post you will have a better likelihood of increasing your following. This is due to the fact that hashtags help the social network search algorithm categorize your post into similar categories. This will give your post a greater reach beyond your followers, as it will also show up in hashtag search results. In addition, make sure your hashtags are relevant because you want to categorize your post based on the actual theme of the post.

3. Follow Other Users and Influencers

If you are trying to grow a following then you need to start following other users. Many people often limit the amount of users they follow on social networks because they don’t want to hurt their “follower ratio”. But by not following other users they are in turn limiting the quantity of new followers they receive. For example, if you are a photographer, you want to grow your following based on your photography content. But if you aren’t well known how will you do this? Simply, start following famous photography brands, companies, communities and influencers. Once you follow a bunch of users, they will most likely check out your profile. If they don’t initially follow you back, someone else may or at the very least you might show up in more “suggested people to follow” sections. This strategy of following others can potentially land you some new followers actually relevant to your industry or profile theme.

4. Post Quality Content Regularly

If you want to grow a following you need to have fresh quality content posted regularly. All of the best social media influencers such as Lewis HowesGary Vaynerchuck and Tai Lopez; regularly post quality content for their followers. Therefore, if you want other users to share, like and follow your content you need to give them a reason to. Simply posting regular quality content can help your posts show up in the news feeds of your followers more often. This will give your followers the opportunity to engage with your content more frequently and share with their own network.

Moving Forward

By completing your profile information, using relevant hashtags, following other users and posting quality content, you will be on your way to becoming a social media power user. So make sure you optimize and incorporate these four simple tips into your social media strategy, today.
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