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Are You Managing Your Time Or Is Your Time Managing You?

Are You Managing Your Time Or Is Your Time Managing You?

Take Controls Of Your Life

Time management is commonly something individuals in our fast paced society overlook as a quality skill and lifestyle. Even though this lifestyle separates the world changers from the busy bees because it helps individuals control their schedules thus control their lives. By simply deciding what is essential in your life you can focus on the necessary tasks while disposing of anything unnecessary. I believe that in order to work towards a more fulfilling life it is important to answer and design your life based on three questions.

1. What Is Essential?

The first question you must answer is what is essential in your life? Once you can determine what you must keep on your schedule or the tasks you enjoy in life, then you are one step closer to managing your time. A lot of people (including myself) often get caught in the busy bee trap which is comprised of a full schedule overflowing with irrelevant tasks. So find out what you must keep on your schedule to focus yourself and your days. These mandatory tasks are needs based on care giving, income, security, health and safety.

2. What Stresses You Out?

The second question you must answer is what stresses you out? Do you often find yourself stressed out after a long day at work or in a relationship? Then you must first determine everything in your life that gives you anxiety in order to dispose of these tasks. Although some duties in life are hard to avoid because they are fundamental, remember there are ways to work around this. If something in your life gives your anxiety and is a problem for you health it can’t be essential, so get rid of it. Additionally, if you feel that in order to fulfill your income needs you need to work at a job 80 hours a week, walk away now. Although you feel this is an indespensable stressor it isn’t because there will always be more job opportunities that will give you a more fulfilling life.

3. What Is Not Working Towards Your Goals?

The last question you need to ask yourself is what tasks in my schedule are not helping me accomplish my goals? Everyone has goals, everyone has dreams, first determine what yours are. Once you determine your goals and dreams find out what components in your life are keeping you from accomplishing them. Even if a goal seems out of reach it is often these simple blockades that keep you from accomplishing them. So get rid of anything in your schedule that stands in the way of your goals and you are one step closer to achieving them.

Design Your Life

Thus, in order to live a more fulfilling life you need to first ask yourself and adjust your life according to the above three questions. Once you do this you will have a better understanding about yourself, your situation and your goals in life.

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