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Cut The Crap And Be Authentic On Social Media

Cut The Crap And Be Authentic On Social Media

An Influx In Fake People

I have noticed that social media has an abundance of fake people. Not fake in the sense that the actual profiles are “robots” but fake in that some people are not who they say they are. For example, there are so many people on social media platforms such as Instagram, who are trying to showcase exaggerated or completely fake lifestyles in an attempt to build a following. So if you are one of these people, I got news for you. The world knows you are full of crap.

Fake Persona’s Are Not Fooling Anyone

If you haven’t noticed by now, social networks like Instagram have had a surge of fake lifestyle accounts in which people try to stage their profiles to showcase a fitness, adventurous or luxurious lifestyle that they don’t necessarily live. For example, due to the number of phony lifestyle accounts on Instagram a fake female lifestyle account called, “Louise Delage” was created by the Addicte Aide. This account was created in an effort to raise awareness about alcoholism in young people. The campaign was an overnight success because every picture on this fake lifestyle account had alcohol in it and still grew to over 66,000 followers in under a month.
But creating a fake persona that isn’t for an ad campaign, is definitely not a long-term strategy especially if you want to grow a social media following. So for the sake of your “personal brand” and reputation, you owe it to yourself to be authentic and showcase your true identity. Authenticity is crucial especially if you want to become an industry expert or influencer because trust is one of the most important elements to gaining followers and supporters.

The Power Of Authenticity

One notable example regarding the power of authenticity is from a famous comedian named, Joey Diaz. On an episode of the Joe Rogan Experience, Joey Diaz explained that when he first started doing stand up comedy he tried to be someone that he wasn’t. When he first started off he tried wearing a suit and telling clean jokes but as he explained on the podcast, this fake persona came across phony because that wasn’t who he actually was. Furthermore, he explained that his “phony” persona didn’t resonate with the crowd because the audience could see right through his staged personality.
Therefore, the minute he took off his prim and proper suit and started telling jokes that were rude and related to his life, he captured a niche audience for his stand up comedy. Basically, Joe Rogan summed up Joey’s journey of authenticity perfectly by saying that the minute Joey was comfortable being himself on stage was when his career took off, like turning on a light switch.

Build A Personal Brand Around Your Life

So my suggestion to you on your journey is to build your personal brand around your actual lifestyle, personality, and uniqueness. Don’t try to be someone that you aren’t just to gain some followers on Twitter or Instagram. Be real with yourself and trust me, you will be able to create a more loyal audience around your personal brand that will also be easier to manage in the long run.

Personally, I take pride in my authentic personal brand, so check out my lifestyle Instagram account, @iambradthompson to see what I mean.


  1. Great post! I completely agree! I feel like a lot of young bloggers or starting bloggers think they have to spend lots of money to buy expensive products so they can take good photos, give reviews in order to gain following. Successful and influential bloggers aren’t just about looking great, but also their authentic insight and content on their niche.

    1. Thanks for the comment Lucia! You got that right, at the end of the day if you have the most expensive equipment but your content isn’t valuable to anyone people won’t enjoy it.

      All the best!

  2. This is very valuable information- for some! I think there are some who are trying to remain anonymous or put out a persona that’s not them. But I will say that for lifestyle bloggers it’s important to be real!

  3. You’re totally right! I’m always torn as to how much of my life I should share with the world. I’m a style blogger so I feel like that’s all I should be sharing. But on the other hand I hear people saying that I need to share my life story. I’m a private person so it’s kind of frustrating trying to figure out how to be open to people I don’t know…

  4. IG is full of posers unfortunately. It’s actually sad because they don’t seem to realize people can tell right away. And yes, if you look at the really successful influencers with truly engaged audiences, they are real, authentic and genuine.

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