How I Constantly Manage A Busy Schedule While Not Burning Out

How I Constantly Manage A Busy Schedule While Not Burning Out

Manage Your Time, Change Your Life

Living the life of a working student entrepreneur can be stressful and overwhelming a lot of time but I have been able to successfully manage my time and strive to excel in everything I do. Although my availability of time may be scarce, learning to manage my available free time has truly changed the way I live my life. I have been able to do some amazing things in my life so far and here are some of the secrets I utilize religiously to successfully balance work, school and my company.


I have never really been a big fast food guy but over the last year, I have made an effort to focus on what I eat and drink. I constantly make an effort to eat healthy as these meals are what fuel me for the rest of the day. One of the best choices I have made would be to actively regulate the amount of sugar and salt I consume. You would be surprised how much sugar and salt you consume daily and actively decreasing this consumption will be life changing. Aside from healthy eating, I also focus on hydration. Hydration is extremely important and can definitely affect a person’s ability to focus and have the energy they need to maintain a busy schedule. I believe healthy eating and hydration are definitely the foundation a individual needs to work long and hard. I have been able to manage my nutrition constantly with the help of my Fitbit.

Time Management/Scheduling

Time management has always been one of the keys to my success. Over the years I have been able to develop the skills needed to manage my time and increase my work load capacity. From being involved in school clubs, sports teams and working different jobs during school, I have been able to develop and grow into a time management expert. I believe that scheduling has definitely been one of the keys to my personal growth and career development. I schedule everything on multiple calenders and on my phone and this always keeps me updated and on the right track for keeping deadlines. People probably think it is a bit redundant to utilize multiple calenders but the reason I do this is to ensure I can access my schedule from whenever I am at any time.


Exercise has always been incorporated into my daily life, ever since I was a kid. Nowadays because my schedule is so busy I can’t spend hours working out every day but I do make time every week to exercise. I always strive to make sure I exercise at least 3 times a week to ensure my body and brain are staying in shape.


I am an extremely ambitious and focused individual that strives to capture personal goals. I am willing to put in the work, if it means I will receive the results that I want. Sometimes this means I don’t sleep as much as I would like, but the truth is I am content with that. In addition, I have many goals I hope to achieve at some point in my life and in order to achieve them I have chosen to give up many things to focus on the endeavors that truly matter to me and that will benefit me.


I can honestly say that I enjoy everything that I do and I believe that this is the only way to sustainably manage a busy schedule. If I do not enjoy something and it isn’t beneficial to my future than that is a great realization for me to readjust my schedule. I have always made an effort in my life to do the things that I enjoy whether this is career related or leisure time. The reason that I make these choices is because that in order to do anything successfully for a long period of time you must enjoy what you do. As Steve Jobs once said, “…the only way to do great work is to love what you do” and that is what I always strive to accomplish. There are many people that I know personally which are going to school for a program which guarantees a high salary but they don’t even enjoy the program. I believe this is a waste of time because as an individual you will never be truly satisfied and all the glory and happiness from this career will quickly disappear once you reach this high salaried position. A pursuit of money will definitely leave you unsatisfied with what your career and goals. Thus, the only sustainable way to reach your goals and live a satisfied life is to enjoy everything you do. This will give you the focus and endurance that you need to accomplish your goals.

Love What’s On Your Schedule

It is important to work hard at what you love in order to live a self-fulling and easily managed life. I believe that one of the best ways to avoid burning out is to enjoy everything you are dedicating your time to and if you aren’t then you should readjust your life. It is important to follow your goals and manage your time wisely as these practices will help you grow as individuals. My secrets to managing a busy life may not work for everyone but they have always worked for me in my journey of education, work, entrepreneurship.

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