How To Double Your Audio Book Reading Speed

How To Double Your Audio Book Reading Speed

Do you want to know how you can become a reading juggernaut and finish twice the amount of audio books in the same amount of time?

I have figured out a way to do this and I am grateful I gave this technique an opportunity. Who wouldn’t want to finish twice the amount of books, if it doesn’t mean sacrificing enjoyment and comprehension? If you are like me and you like to find the most efficient ways of doing things, then this simple audio book hack is definitely for you.


I read a lot of audio books and after a while I noticed a common issue during the listening process that really got me irritated. This issue was simply that the standard audio book reading speed is to slow for people like myself who are productivity maniacs and want to finish more books in less time. Since I have started using this hack which I researched online months ago, it has made me a more efficient and effective audio book listener. In addition, it is also now a regular occurrence for me to receive crazy looks from people who come into my car when I am listening to an audio book. Today I am going to share a hack with you that will make your friends and family give you the same reaction I get when people catch me listening to an audio book.

If you want to finish more books in less time than no problem, I have created a short process below from research and experience. This process will help you take your audio book reading speed to a whole new level of insanity, as I did months ago.

Audio Book Platforms:

Nowadays most people listen to audio books using Amazon’s Audible application and this is exactly who this guide was made for. If you use Audible, increasing your reading speed is extremely simple as you will see below.

Technical Steps to Doubling your Reading Speed:

  1. Open up your Audible application and select any audio book.
  2. Then select the icon that says “1.00x” in the top right corner of the audio book player window.
  3. This selection will take you to a screen where you can adjust the audio book narration speed which offers adjustments between (0.50x and 3.00x).

This is the only technical part of this process but understand that you can’t just start listening to 3.00x the original speed of your audio books right out of the gate. If you try this it will sound like you hit fast forward on a song, so therefore this is not a sustainable or enjoyable approach. Thus, there is a more systematic and simple process I followed to take my reading speed to 2.00x and here it is.

Speed Reading Process:

The standard audio book reading speed is set at 1.00x speed which is pretty modest for the avid audible listener. So the first thing you need to do is adjust your audio book narrating speed up to 1.10x. You will notice a significant difference in the speed of the narration as well as your ability to comprehend but don’t get scared, you will be fine. It will take about 10-20 minutes for your brain to fully adjust to the increased speed of the audio book and begin retaining information, so stick with it.

Once you get used to this new narrating speed you can start increasing the reading speed every couple days depending on your comfort level.


I highly suggest that for the first couple days only increase the reading speed by .05x to .10x so you don’t get overwhelmed or discouraged. But once you start increasing the speed of your audio books consistently, within a few weeks you should be able to reach 2.00x the original speed while being able to comprehend the books information.


Once you start increasing your reading speed consistently you will be able to understand and enjoy the audio book at faster speeds. Once you are comfortable with the faster reading speed, here is a fun activity you can try with your friends and family. Play the original speed of the audio book for your friends and family, then play the speed that you currently listen to and simply watch the reaction on their faces, it’s priceless. Their reaction alone will make you feel like an absolute boss and the truth is if you are reading this post right now, you probably are.

Good luck!

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