How To Read More Books In 8 Simple Steps

How To Read More Books In 8 Simple Steps

Do You Want To Read More Books?

If you are trying to learn more in your field or simply trying to read more books I would like to offer you a piece of advice. This advice is coming from a guy (myself) that has completed only a small number of books before university, outside of the realm of I SpyWhere’s Waldo and Dr.Seus. But over the last few years I have made an honest effort to read more books. This effort resulted in completing 42 books in 2016, which is a satisfying personal accomplishment. So if you are reading this article because you want to read more books, than I have some tips to help you do that. If you are simply looking to get inspired to actually pick up a book and read more than the cover, you have come to the right article. From personal experience, I have devised an 8 step guide which I personally found pivotal to my success of reading over 40 books in 2016. Follow this step by step guide closely because it could be the missing piece that you need in order to finish your first book of the year or simply accomplish your personal reading goals.
This simple 8 step guide will help you select the best books in regards to your preferences thus helping achieve your goal of reading more books.

1. Reason

Determine the reason you actually want to read more books. Are you looking to learn more about a topic, learn a new skill or simply looking to read for pleasure?

2. Type of Book

Determine the type of book you want to read? Fiction or Non-fiction? Are looking for abstract lessons or real life stories?

3. Genre Of Book

Determine the genre of book you want to read or a genre you are interested in. Are you looking to learn solely about one person or about a concept? There are many different book genres out there, so find one that you are interested in whether it is an autobiography or science fiction.

4. Invest In Your Education

If you actually want to finish a book, invest in your education by actually purchasing the book whether in paperback or E-book formats. If you don’t know where to buy your first book you should visit Amazon.caChapters or Book Depository(my personal favorite). These book stores not only offer competitive prices but you can browse book options, read reviews and read excerpts of the book before making a purchase. So take twenty dollars out of your bank account to purchase the books that you want to read because that may be the motivation you need to actually finishing it. If you want to read more books than stay away from library books. Although library books are great because they are free, you are not investing in the books that you borrow, so you won’t feel guilty if you don’t end up reading them.

5. Research

Before you purchase a book make sure you read the summary on the back of the book and read some reviews to make sure it is what you are interested in. Although an excerpt won’t tell you every about the book it will give you a brief snapshot on what the book is all about.

6. Less Than 200 Pages

If you aren’t already an avid reader then this tip is crucial because it will help you actually complete more books and stay motivated. Thus, only purchase a book that has less than 200 pages, this is important because you will be more likely to finish a book that is this length as compared to 500 pages. Furthermore, many people try to read a “classic” as their first book such as Lord of Rings which is hundred of pages long. The problem with this is that you will quickly get discouraged and frustrated because of the time commitment required to finish a book more then 200 pages long. So trust me, keep it less than 200 hundred pages and you will be more likely to finish the book that you have purchased.

7. Make It A Habit:

If your goal is to read more books, then consistency is key. You need to make time every single day to read, in order to consistently complete more books. For example, over the last couple years I have always made time every single morning before work/school to read for at least half an hour. It doesn’t matter if you read in the morning or at night, as long as you read at the same time every single day.

8. Join Goodreads:

If you still want some additional accountability, I highly recommend joining If you haven’t heard of Goodreads before it is a social networking website/application for readers and authors. This website allows you to connect with Facebook friends through the app, create reading goals, track your reading progress, review books and gain some great recommendations. By simply posting your current reads on the website and connecting with your Facebook friends, you will be held accountable to finish that book. Although there is no penalty if you don’t end up finishing the book, the social pressure will give you that extra push you need. In addition, this website is great for tracking the books that you have read and it gives you additional satisfaction to rate and review recently finish books.

Invest In Your Education

Furthermore, I hope you use these tips as they will help you read more this year because one of the best ways to learn from an expert is through books. Make sure you invest in your education this year, create some ambitious but SMART reading goals and crush some pages!

If you found this guide helpful to you, please leave a comment and give it a share so others can accomplish their reading goals too.

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