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Stop Limiting Yourself And Go After Your Goals

Stop Limiting Yourself And Go After Your Goals

Mental and Physical Limits

Everyone puts limits on themselves both physical and mental. A lot of the times these limits keep us from over exerting ourselves or getting injured. But limits are only beneficial in some situations and are negative in other situations.


To limit, means to stop or make a barricade to ensure nothing passes. Limiting is utilized in all aspects of life such as when a stock broker puts a stop (limit) on a stock or perhaps when a rock climber doesn’t fully commit to a dangerous or frightening move. In certain case limits can be a lifesavers as it minimizes potential risk in dangerous or risky situations. But limiting can have an adverse effect when it comes to personal growth.
If you limit yourself in terms of you personal goals and dreams, you are essentially limiting your potential. If deep down you want to be an expert in your field of work, you will never be able to achieve this goal if you put limits on yourself. Thus, if you want to be the best or simply develop your skills, then stop putting psychological constraints on yourself. Simply minimizing your risks without being fearful of failure or embarrassment is one of the first steps in becoming the best in any field. It’s true, achieving your goals is hard work as it takes perseverance, focus and dedication and sure you will fail but just minimize your risks and you will be able to recover from failure.

Life After Failure

If you don’t think you can get back on your feet after a failure just remember that many successful people were in your shoes before. For example, Milton Hershey had three failed candy companies before Hershey, Arriana Huffington’s book was rejected by 36 publishers, Bill Gates’ first company failed and Theodor Seuss Geisel (Dr. Seuss) had his first book rejected by 27 publishers. These successful individuals didn’t let internal limitations stop them from achieving their big goals and neither should you.
So just accept that failure is part of life, sometimes you just need to minimize your risk and take the plunge towards your dreams. If you are trying to take the plunge towards your goals or simply succeed on a path less traveled, just trust that everything will work out. This is because the life you want to create is more attainable than you think as taking the first step is often the hardest barrier to overcome.

Stop Putting Limitations on Your Life

Therefore, remember that if you want to achieve your goals you need to stop putting limitations on yourself because they are holding your back. Don’t lower your goals or standards, instead take educated and meaningful risks because that will help you achieve your wildest dreams. Furthermore, always remember that the greatest risk is not the task at hand but it is the risk of living someone else’s life or not becoming the person you want to be.
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  1. I struggle with limiting myself at times, because of that fact I’m being scared of something not working out in the end. But then at the same time I could be missing out on something really great by not taking the risk. I definitely need to stop doing this and not being scared to go after my goals. You are completely right!

    1. Thanks for the comment Holly, I appreciate it! What you are experiencing is something that everyone faces in their life. I find “testing the waters” and setting small wins are very important processes especially when it comes to facing a fear. So don’t set yourself short go after your goals, you can do it!

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