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Living the Canadian dream

Living The Canadian Dream

You have heard of the American dream which is the dream and successful lifestyle Americans strive towards. This lifestyle is often determined by an individual’s success in terms of with wealth, health,  happiness and opportunity.

But what is the Canadian dream?

The Canadian dream is seizing the moment, making the most out of life, gaining experiences, living your dreams and growing as an individual.

The Canadian dream is filled with fulfillment, personal growth and happiness; as well as a lot drinking quality coffee, playing hockey and maple syrup.

The goal of the Living The Canadian Dream Blog

The Living the Canadian dream blog’s goal is to inspire individuals to build the life of their dreams. This blog will provide education, personal experiences of bloggers (with lessons), inspiration and the push you need to take the next step towards your goals.  By providing you a variety written and video content, this blog will be relatable and helpful on your journey to greatness.

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Bradley Thompson

Founder of Living The Canadian Dream

Bradley Thompson is a Marketing Professor, Team Canada Duathlete, Digital Marketing Expert & Content Creator from Toronto, Canada. He is dedicated to educating and inspiring people through his very Canadian lifestyle blog, “Living The Canadian Dream“, podcast “Living the Canadian Dream Podcast” and his Youtube videos, “Bradley Thompson Vlogs“. Bradley has been featured on many publications including Authority Magazine and Buzzfeed.

What is living the canadian dream?

The Goals Of This Blog


Help people follow their dreams.


Push people to take the first step towards their goals.


Educate individuals through relatable experiences, lessons and advice.


Inspire individuals to take action and change the world.

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