Ryan James on Being a Professional Soccer Player and Optimizing Athletic Performance!

Ryan James on Being a Professional Soccer Player and Optimizing Athletic Performance!


In this episode, Ryan James from the Pittsburgh Riverhounds comes on to chat about his journey as a professional soccer player. We discuss Ryan’s training schedule, how he started his journey in soccer, his journey at the Pittsburgh Riverhounds, how he maintains peak fitness, optimizes performance and what his goals are for the future. This episode was a lot of fun to record and truly gives you a look into the life of a professional soccer player.


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“Would you rather live your dream or live part of your dream for money?”


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Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones” by James Clear & “Let’s Talk about Race” by Julius Lester, Karen Barbour


💻 About Ryan James

Ryan Lee James is a Canadian professional soccer player who currently plays as a defender for the Pittsburgh Riverhounds in the United Soccer League (USL).


In This Episode, We Will Be Talking About…

  • How Ryan James became a professional soccer player and some of his career highlights.
  • Ryan’s journey in professional soccer in the United Soccer League.
  • Who Ryan looks to for advice about soccer, fitness, and life.
  • How Ryan prepares for his soccer matches (Pregame meals and more).
  • Ryan’s experience playing for the Pittsburgh Riverhounds in the USL.
  • How Ryan stays healthy and in tip-top condition with a crazy training/competition schedule.
  • How he stays calm and focussed going into big games.
  • Who Ryan’s favorite soccer player was growing up.
  • Ryan does a lot of traveling with his soccer team so he shares a couple of his essential travel items.
  • How Ryan recovers from workouts and stays motivated to optimize his athletic performance.

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