Ryley garcia on Growing As A Visual Artist and Illustrating A Children’s Book


In this episode, Ryley Garcia discusses how he started his journey in art, how he has grown as a visual artist over the years and some of the awesome experiences he’s had in the art industry. Ryley talks about his experience with working as a background Ilustrator on the show, “Rick and Morty”, how someone can improve their skills as an artist and the entire process behind illustrating a Children’s book.

This episode was a lot of fun to record and there are plenty of gems for the creatives, artists and go-getters out there. If you are looking to grow your skills in any field, the insights in this episode will give you the advice you need. Ryley is an incredible visual artist & illustrator and in this episode he will show you what it takes to improve your skills in a creative field from daily practice, listening to niche art podcasts to taking specialized art classes!


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💻 About Ryley Garcia

Ryley Garcia is a visual development artist and illustrator who has worked as a background artist on the show, “Rick & Morty”  and he has also illustrated a Children’s Book called, ” Santa.com”.


In This Episode, We Will Be Talking About…

  • Why Ryley Garcia started diving into the art world and what he specializes in.
  • How Ryley learns and has become a better artist over the years.
  • How you can become a better creative and artist on your journey.
  • Ryley’s experience working as a background artist on Rick & Morty.
  • Some tips on how to navigate the art industry from the studio side to the independent illustrator route.
  • The process behind illustrating a children’s book and the importance of originality.
  • Ryley’s favorite art & creative podcasts and how he learns on the move.
  • The importance of taking art classes to improve your skills (not just when you are starting out).
  • How someone can get started in the field of animation, illustration and visual arts.
  • How to find your artistic style and stand out from other artists.

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