Push Yourself to the Limit and then Keep Going
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Push Yourself to the Limit and then Keep Going

If you want to conquer anything, whether it’s a workout, a race, or a challenging goal you need to push yourself to the limit and then keep going.

It isn’t just a matter of pushing yourself and then half-assing it to the finish line.

It isn’t a matter of giving it 100% for only a short period of time.

It’s a matter of pushing yourself to what you thought was your limit and then you keep pushing through your limits.

The Art Of Pushing Yourself

This isn’t just about working out, this is about life in general, especially when it comes to your goals. Also, let me be clear; I’m not talking about working yourself to exhaustion and hitting burn out in your career. I’m talking about pushing yourself to become a better person, a better athlete, and a better human being. Pushing yourself is not a short term game it’s all about consistency in the long term.

Anybody can push themselves in a workout for 30 seconds (if you’re doing intervals) but can you do that consistently through the entire workout? That’s what separates the good from the great.

That’s how you get to the next level.

The Art Of Pushing To The Edge

There’s a book called “Running to the Edge: A Band of Misfits and the Guru Who Unlocked the Secrets of Speed” by Matthew Futterman and it solidified this idea for me when it comes to pushing yourself to the limit. It taught me that it’s crucial to not only push yourself to the limit but when you get there you don’t stop. That’s how the best long-distance runners become the best. They run longer and harder than anyone else consistently and they don’t give up.

So next time you’re working out or you are complaining about not achieving your goals, think about this. Did you give it all you had? Did you push yourself to the limit like the greatest athletes in history? If you didn’t stop complaining and get to work.

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