2 Basic Types of Content Marketing That Will Help You Grow A Following

2 Basic Types of Content Marketing That Will Help You Grow A Following

Grow A Following Organically

Are you trying to grow a presence online and reach a larger audience? If you said yes to this question then content marketing should be a part of your digital marketing strategy. Content marketing can be used to grow a brand’s following organically by consistently using a variety of content styles and distribution channels. So if you are really trying to increase brand awareness, improve brand recognition and grow your online following then you need to start using the two fundamental types of content marketing.

Two Types of Content Marketing

If you are new to content marketing the first thing you need to know is that there are two types of content marketing. Thus, if a company implements and executes both of these strategies efficiently, they will be able to develop a larger following on social media and organically grow their website traffic.

So if you are ready to incorporate content marketing into your digital marketing strategy, here are the two basic types of content marketing.

1. Content Creation

The first type of content marketing is the act of actually creating the content. There is an infinite amount of content that you can create but some of the most popular types of created content are in the form of blog posts, infographics, podcasts and videos. Additionally, although there are many formats of created content, some of the formats that are growing in popularity are GIFsListlyBoomerang‘s and Slideshare‘s.

Created content has the potential to reach a large audience because it is original, it is relevant to the brand and it creates a community. In addition, content creation is beneficial for websites because it helps improve the websites search engine ranking. By improving a website’s search engine optimization through content marketing, the website will rank higher on search engines while targeting specific keywords related to the content.

So are you ready to start creating some awesome original content? If you are then just remember that simply creating content is half the battle, the other half is creating content your audience will actually enjoy. Thus, it is crucial to regularly create content that is quality, unique and related to brand’s focus.

2. Content Curation

Content curation is when you repost someone else’s created content on social media while adding your own thoughts to it. This type of content marketing is the least time consuming as you are simply posting a link to someone else’s content, reposting or retweeting. But it is important to remember when you are curating content, that you actually add your own spin to it in terms of your thoughts and opinions. If you use Twitter, then adding your own spin to someone’s tweet would be simply “quoting” their tweet and adding your own comments.

Furthermore, one example of content curation on the major social networking platforms would be the following. For example, if you saw an interesting article on, you can share the link to the article and give an intro to the article on your actual social media post. By adding your personal thoughts to the social media post on top of the curated content (in this case the link), you are giving your followers an overview of the content and why they should read it.

In addition, by adding your own spin to a curated social media post you can create a specific call-to-action for your audience. So remember, content curation is an easy way to put out content and engage your target audience without actually investing in the process of creating your own content. Furthermore, although content curation is beneficial because you can quickly share quality and entertaining content, it has its limitations. One of the major limitations of only utilizing content curation is that you do not have ownership over the content that is being shared. Therefore, you do not control the information on that piece of content nor do you have the rights to claim it as your own.

Provide Value To Your Followers

Furthermore, if you are looking to grow your online presence then add content marketing to your holistic digital marketing approach. Content marketing has the power to increase your organic reach, increase engagement, create a community and build a positive reputation for your brand. This strategy provides consumers with more than just a sales pitch about a company, it provides them with entertainment and education. Therefore, next time you make a tweet or post on Instagram, decide what type of content marketing you want to utilize, what value you want to provide your followers and what goal you want to accomplish.

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