I Was A Finalist For The CAMP “Student Marketer of The Year” Award

I Was A Finalist For The CAMP "Student Marketer of The Year" Award

Truly An Honor

It was an honor to be selected as a finalist for the Canadian Association of Marketing Professionals (CAMP) “Student Marketer of the Year” award! Although I didn’t end up winning the award I am so grateful that I was even considered and selected as a finalist.

This recognition truly means a lot to me and it reminds me that all of the hard work, long hours and cups of coffee I have consumed in order to pursue my dreams is actually paying off.

On top of finishing my degree at Sheridan College and working as a digital marketer, I have invested so much time and effort into my lifestyle blog “Living the Canadian Dream” and my personal growth. So to be recognized for my work by CAMP and industry leaders is an incredible feeling!

A Career Milestone

Furthermore, although I didn’t end up winning the “Student Marketer of the year” award, it isn’t the end of my journey. So as Robert Green Ingersoll once said, “The greatest test of courage on earth is to bear defeat without losing heart”. This quote says a lot because it is so true, although I didn’t end up winning the award, this loss isn’t the end of my incredible journey. I have not lost any motivation or drive for my goals and I know this milestone will only help me in my future.

Grateful For The People In My Life

Thus, I am so happy that I was selected as a finalist for this award because it is seriously an honor. So I want to thank my amazing parents, girlfriend, mentors, friends, family, and teachers for always supporting me on my journey. In addition, I want to thank CAMP and the judges who selected the finalists for this award, it is honestly an honor!

The ongoing support I have received throughout my entire career thus far has been incredible and I am so fortunate for the people in my life. I am seriously living the Canadian dream and being a finalist for the student marketer of the year award, is a huge personal achievement!

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Bradley Thompson

Bradley Thompson

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Bradley Thompson is a young student, marketer, blogger and entrepreneur from Canada who loves educating and inspiring people through his blog and vlog. Although Bradley is young he has dedicated himself to his education and his personal brand and wants to help inspire people on his entrepreneurial journey.