Bike Giveaway for the Holiday Season!


Do You Want To Win A Bike For The Holidays?

To celebrate the launch of Relentless Bikes Inc. we thought what better way to give back some love to our supporters than with a HUGE giveaway. So that’s what we did, Relentless Bikes is running a HUGE giveaway right now for a fixie bike bundle! So make sure that you enter the giveaway today for a chance to get yourself an awesome bike for the new year!!


Fixie Bike Giveaway Bundle By Relentless Bikes

If you win the Relentless Bike Bundle Giveaway you will win the following:

  1. Hustle – Standard Fixie Bike (Get Active During the Pandemic)
  2. Relentless Waterbottle (Stay hydrated during your busy day)
  3. Relentless Cycling Hat (Look Like A Pro on your bike)


How to enter the Bike Giveaway?

Visit to enter the Fixie Bike Bundle Giveaway and follow the instructions (it literally only takes a minute to enter).

Good luck!


Bradley Thompson

Bradley Thompson

Founder of Living The Canadian Dream
Bradley Thompson is a very Canadian lifestyle blogger, digital marketer and growth hacker from Toronto who is passionate about inspiring people through his blog and vlog. Although he lives a busy life he is dedicated to personal growth, developing his expertise and growing his blog, "Living the Canadian dream"!