3 Reasons You Aren't Growing Your Social Media Following
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3 Reasons You Aren’t Growing Your Social Media Following


Become A Social Media Influencer

Do you want to grow your social media following? I am pretty sure everyone with a social media account would love to have millions of engaged followers, right? We’ll if you feel you have what it takes to become a massive social media influencer but you don’t seem to be getting any traction on social media, there is most likely a reason. Aside from key social media growth tricks such as using hashtags, I am going to give you some advice that may be hard to listen to. In this blog post, I am going to break down three reasons why you aren’t growing your social media following. Honestly, some of this advice might be hard to cope with because it is true but trust me if you deal with these issues head on you will positively impact your presence on social media.

Create An Unstoppable Social Media Strategy

Social media is a unique beast altogether because although you may be putting out a lot of amazing content, there could be underlying reasons why your following is stagnant.  Therefore, that is why I wanted to write this article, to help you tackle your social media strategy head on, figure out the underlying issues in your tactics and unlock your true potential on social media.
So without further ado here are three reasons why you aren’t growing your social media following.

1. You Don’t Post Consistently

The number one reason you aren’t growing your social media following is because you don’t post content consistently. Honestly, consistency is key when it comes to social media because if you aren’t putting out quality content regularly there is no reason for someone to follow you. So make sure you either create or curate unique content for your profiles regularly and make sure the content is actually relevant to your niche and purpose.
Additionally, if you are one of those people that doesn’t post regularly, don’t expect to grow your social media following anytime soon for one key reason, you don’t provide value. If you aren’t entertaining, educating or engaging with your followers and potential followers, your account will be a ghost town for the foreseeable future. In addition, because it is so difficult to show up on the news feeds of your followers due to all of the noise on social media, consistency is crucial. Basically, posting regular content will help you show up on your follower’s timelines more frequently, thus increasing the possibility of engagement.

2. Your Ego Is Holding You Back

The second reason you aren’t growing your social media following is simply because you have a huge ego. Honestly, I know so many people on social media that limit the number of followers they have because of the fact they have an ego. I know this notion isn’t news to you because you have definitely seen self-obsessed people and personas on social media before from Instagram models to faux “lifestyle” accounts. So I want you to understand something, posting 20 selfies of yourself a day isn’t benefiting anyone, so if you want to grow your following stop this madness. I know I am exaggerating about that number but you know exactly what I mean. In addition, I am not just talking about the content that people with egos post because sometimes those “20 selfies a day” accounts do grow. I am also talking about the actual strategies that people with egos utilize on social media.
Firstly, your ego is affecting your social media strategy if you are more concerned about your follower ratio then supporting, following, and engaging with people in your niche. Secondly, your ego is limiting your growth if you aren’t willing to show some love to other accounts on social media. For example, if you aren’t actively engaging with other people’s posts you are showing your ego because you aren’t willing to show some love to get some love. Just think of it this way, when you are starting off on social media no one actually knows who you are thus engaging with people in niche communities is an important tactic you can use to grow your reputation and following. So don’t create a personal brand of “me, me, me” because no one wants to follow or support someone who only cares about themselves.

3.  No One Knows Who You Are

Finally, the last reason you aren’t growing your social media following is because no one knows who the heck you are. For example, when you are first starting out on social media, no one knows who are thus your follower count will plateau at like 200 followers because only people you personally know will follow you. So don’t be discouraged because everyone can relate to this follower plateau in some respect. But if you want to make this plateau temporary and continue growing your following you will need to make it your duty to get your name out there.
If you want to get noticed on social media you will need to be humble and dedicate your efforts on engaging with new people and not just obsess over your follower ratio. So really make an effort to show some love to other profiles if you want to start building a community around your brand but remember to be genuine. Simply commenting on peoples posts with spammy comments like “awesome 👍” will not benefit you in any way. Honestly, I don’t think the strategy of spammy comments has ever worked in the history of social media, so be real and create real conversations.

Start Growing Your Social Media Following Today

So if you want to grow your social media following on any of the main social networking platforms you will need to fix any underlying problems with your social media strategy. This can easily be done by analyzing your social media strategy to determine if your ego, inconsistent posting or the fact nobody knows you, is why you aren’t growing your social media following. So take charge of your social media strategy, audit your tactics, create a unique personal brand and become a social media influencer, today!

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