Influencer Marketing Is Connecting Brands With Industry Influencers

Influencer Marketing Is Connecting Brands With Social Media Influencers


Consumer Lifestyles Have Changed

Social media has changed the way that brands connect with consumers and it is bringing forth new ways of marketing such as Influencer marketing. Influencer marketing is being used by companies in an effort to promote their brand to the audience of specific social media influencers. But why is this shift in marketing impacting the industry? Due to the advancement of technology more consumers are connecting with brands online as opposed to traditional mediums such as print, radio and television. This is occurring because consumer habits are changing, most people are so immersed in their mobile devices that they are no longer spending hours watching cable television, they are watching their favorite vloggers on Youtube or movies on Netflix.

Therefore this drastic change in consumer lifestyles is why businesses are being forced to try out innovative marketing strategies on digital platforms. So this is why influencer marketing is growing in popularity within the social media space and it will continue to grow in the foreseeable future.

Incorporating A Brands Advertisement

Basically, with influencer marketing brands are able to reach a new audience or a niche audience that a social media influencer has created on their own.  But why would a social media influencer “risk” spamming their followers with an advertisement from non-associated companies? Well, the truth is these partnerships are often different than traditional celebrity endorsement deals because the influencer actually has a lot more power. The social media influencer has power because they are giving a company access to their personal audience. Thus, most companies negotiate with the influencer by giving them creative freedom when incorporating the brand’s message in their social media “lifestyle”. That is why in many cases influencer marketing is usually in the form of a simple shout out or a product placement that doesn’t stray too far from the social media influencers content theme.

My Experience With Influencer Marketing

About a month ago, I received an awesome opportunity to work with Canadian Tire and Sport Chek (legendary Canadian companies). This opportunity came out of the blue when Canadian Tire and Sportchek contacted me because they knew I was going back to school. So to help me get ready for the new school year they hooked me up with a bunch of magnificent products! So to show my appreciation obviously I took to my social media accounts and blog to tell the world how fantastic Canadian Tire and Sportchek are.


Here are some of the ways I showcased the products that Sportchek and Canadian Tire sent me.

It is only week two of school and I am trying to figure out how I am going to manage my busy schedule… 😔

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Make Social Media A Priority

Influencer marketing continues to grow in popularity around the world. Therefore, this is why I always stress the importance of building a following on social media. It honestly doesn’t matter if you are a model, blogger or artist; brands want to connect with your niche audience and influencer marketing is giving them an opportunity to do this. So make sure you start investing time into your social media strategy and start building your personal brand because that could be the reason you land a life-changing brand deal.

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