Become More Creative By Breaking Free Of Your Creativity Blocks
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Become More Creative By Breaking Free Of Your Creativity Blocks


Get In The Zone

Have you ever felt the sensation of being in the zone when playing a sport or playing a board game? Everyone has had this experience at different points in their life and this state of mind allows you to think outside of the box and produce exponential results. But what happens if you can’t just get into this creative zone on demand, this frustrating experiences has been experiences by everyone. This lack of inspiration is called a creativity block and it is extremely common as all people experience creativity blocks. But the difference between the innovators and creators and the average person is that these individuals understand their blocks and how they can overcome them. Creative blocks can be frustrating especially if you don’t fully understand what yours is but by better understanding your blocks you can break free.

What Are Creativity Blocks

Everyone has something that restricts them from getting into the right mindset to enter a creative zone or to become more productive. After exploring my possible creativity blocks, I have discovered that two of my own creativity blocks are fatigue and stress. Firstly, fatigue blocks my creativity because when I am tired I feel that I am to tired to function, let alone be creative and innovative. Secondly, stress is a creative block for me because it forces me to occupy my mind with stress unrelated to the task at hand which reduces my likelihood of entering a creative state. But I have learnt that in order to remove your creative blocks you must first understand them and then figure out how to reduce their effect.

Breaking Free Of Your Creativity Blocks

It seems impossible but it is possible for an individual to overcome their creativity blocks consistently and use processes to get into the zone. Personally, I have been able to distinguish and find viable solutions for these creative blocks with simple processes. It is important to not only find the ideal situation or location you need in order to get into the zone but you also t need to discover the root  cause of your creativity blocks.

Find Your Creative Location

One of the things you must do in order to find a solution for overcoming creative blocks is to find out what your ideal situation and circumstance for being creative. Everyone has different preferences and I was able to find mine by simple reflecting on where I get the most enjoyment and productivity in creative situations.  It turns out that my creative space is located in a place where I am able to relax and enjoy a cup of coffee while working.

Overcoming Your Creative Blocks

After analyzing your ideal creative situation and location it is easy to understand and recognize the underlying it affects it has on your creative work. For example, I am a regular at my local Starbucks as I am always working on creativity filled projects at night such as my online dance company, The Dance Link. Working on creative projects at Starbucks allows me to escape my personal stress as I am in a productive atmosphere and completing tasks I truly enjoy. By coming up with a creative process you will be able to get into the zone regularly and easily. For example, when I work at Starbucks I play soft music in the background with a cup of coffee in my hand. I find this creative atmosphere is not only an escape but a creative office for innovating and accomplishing my dreams.

Creativity in Your Own Life

By overcoming creativity blocks in your life you will be able to increase your ability to get into the zone while also becoming more productive. This will not only improve the quality of your work but also your productivity, creativity and enjoyment. Thus, become more creative and get in the zone by using a creative process to reduce the effects of your creativity blocks.

Bradley Thompson

Bradley Thompson

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