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Dan Ferchat on Making Moonshine, Bow Hunting and Sustainable Living

In this week’s podcast, Dan Ferchat from Copperhead Distillery and Spirits stops by and we talk about the distillery business, bow hunting and sustainable living. We seriously go deep into how Dan and his family’s business have created a name for themselves in the competitive world of alcohol, what their top selling products are and the process behind making their famous moonshine, rum and vodka! I personally learnt a lot about the process of making alcohol and to be honest it will blow your mind. For example, do you know how they test the percentage of alcohol in a beverage? I bet you don’t!


In this conversation we also discuss Dan’s love for the outdoors in regards to bow hunting, trapping, sustainable living and trail running! We go into depth about hunting, the benefits of hunting for the environment and one of the craziest hunting experiences Dan has ever had (it’s wild)! 


So sit back and relax because this conversation with Dan Ferchat was an awesome one! 

 💯 Question of the Day

Why are you doing what you do? 
Ask yourself this and make sure you have a reason behind the things that you are doing on a daily basis and make sure you aren’t just going through the motions.


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 🥃 About CopperHead Distillery

Copperhead Distillery and Spirits was established in 2016 in Sundrige, Ontario (way up north) by Dan Ferchat and his family. This is a family owned distillery and they have become well known for their popular moonshine, rum and vodka. They are growing fast and if you want to try out their awesome alcohol (I recommend the Apple Pie Moonshine) then order some from their website or you can even find some of their most popular products at LCBO!


Learn More about the distillery:  https://copperhead-distillery.com/


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In This Episode, We Will Be Talking About…

  • How Dan Ferchat and his family go into the distillery game with their distillery, “Copperhead Distillery”.
  • What their most popular products are and how they are made (the process is pretty crazy).
  • How distilleries measure the amount of alcohol in a beverage (this blew my mind).
  • How Copperhead Distillery has been able to grow over the last couple years.
  • Where you can get some of their awesome alcohol (LCBO, their website or in Sundridge).
  • What you can expect from Copperhead Distillery in the future!
  • How Dan got into hunting and why he has taken to bow hunting with Bow and arrows.
  • One of the craziest hunting experiences Dan has ever had (with Black bears).
  • How Dan has learnt to live off the land from trapping and sustainable living.
  • The reason hunting is important for the ecosystem.
  • Why public land should stay public for future generations to enjoy!
  • Dan’s current running goal in regards to trail running (it is wild).
  • App of the Day: This weeks app of the week is hunting related and one that Dan uses on a regular basis it is called, “Moon Phase“. Moon phase is used for hunting and fishing as it helps hunters hunt during high times of animal activity.  Also, Dan recommends “Tiny scanner” which he has been using for scanning and emailing documents.
  • Resource of the Day: This week we don’t have a book of the week but we do have some awesome learning resources. Dan Ferchat recommends you guys check out some of his favorite podcasts Keep Hammering by Cameron HanesMeat eater podcast by Steve Rinella, Joe Rogan Experience and Nock on by John Dudley.


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