Marketing For Couch Potatoes

Marketing For Couch Potatoes

Digital Marketing From The Couch

Are you trying to take a day away from the office or are you just relaxing at home watching Netflix? Did you know that you can still promote your company in the comfort of your own home while watching Netflix and eating ice cream? Here are some simple digital marketing methods for the couch potatoes out there:

1. Social Media Marketing (S.M.M.)

Is promoting and advertising through social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter. This is a fantastic way to share content and news about your company with potential customers.

2. Email Marketing

Email marketing is still an important aspect of engaging your customers with things such as newsletters, special events and promotions. But make sure that you don’t spam people that have not subscribed to your emails as this method of “email blasts” is against the law in Canada.

3. Search Engine Optimization (S.E.O.)

Is the process of creating content or a website which ranks higher on search engines. This is done by using keywords, creating quality content and using S.E.O. techniques. If you are not sure how to optimize your website for search engines, hire a digital marketing company which specializes in S.E.O. as they will be able to properly and effectively improve your website.

4. Search Engine Marketing (S.E.M.)

Is the process of advertising your company on search engines which creates brand awareness and drives potential customers to a website or action by utilizing call-to-actions. S.E.M. has great potential for advertising your company but has a couple flaws if you don’t know how to optimize your advertisements. For example, it can be hard to create an effective advertisement which draws customers to interact with your call-to-action if you are not experienced with this form of advertising.

5. Blog Posts

A great way to showcase your company or update customers on new advancements with your company is by creating blog posts for your company. Whether these blog posts are created on your company website or on social media, it is a great way to communicate with your customers and gain new customers. There are many great public blogs on the internet for different industries. For example, if you are a dance company definitely create blog posts on The Dance Linkfor dancers around the world to read.

6. Video Blog (Vlog)

Another great digital marketing approach (if you writing isn’t one of your strengths), is creating a video blog. You can cover the same topics and update your customers the same way you would with a blog but as a visual outlet. If you aren’t sure where to start, create a Youtube or Vimeo account and start filming!

Promote Your Company From The Couch

Even if you are familiar with some of these marketing methods, it is best to leave it up to a professional company to handle some of these marketing methods for you, as they will perform these tasks properly and efficiently. For example, improper S.E.O. tactics can potentially get your website banned from search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. Find a small local digital marketing company such as Digihype Media Inc., to handle your digital marketing efforts for an affordable price. Furthermore, it is in fact possible to effectively promote your company if you are a couch potato.

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Bradley Thompson

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