The 3 Keys To Happiness

The 3 Keys To Happiness In Life


What Does Happiness Mean to You?

I believe that happiness is more than just a sum of personal assets, finances and a corporate title. Beyond these commonly sought out goals are more important human needs that are essential to an individuals happiness. Personally, I feel that in order for someone to be truly satisfied and happy with their life they must possess these three key things.


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Health Is The First Key To Happiness

Personal health is extremely important to one’s happiness as it allows you to perform at your best and feel your best. Sometimes when people are not feeling great their spirits are down and they cannot perform tasks as they would if they were healthy. The same effect occurs if someone you care about becomes ill. When illness strikes so does stress and unhealthy habits.

But when it comes to “controllable health” like living a healthy lifestyle, adding positive habits to your life such as working out, eating healthy and practicing wellness, can go a long way. But obviously, there are many circumstances that are uncontrollable when it comes to health but that’s why I feel it is so important to manage your health properly when you can because life and circumstances are always changing.


Relationships Are The Second Key To Happiness

It doesn’t matter how much success or wealth one person has because at the end of the day if they have no one to share these experiences with they will not be truly happy. Satisfaction and happiness in life comes from interpersonal and intrapersonal relationships with family, friends and significant others. For instance, family and friends are there for us when we are having bad days because they make difficult times easier for us to cope by showing us compassion, support and love.

So don’t take your relationships for granted, simply showing gratitude to the one’s that have a positive impact on your life will change your life in a positive way. Trust me, the act of showing gratitude to life itself and the people I love has been life-changing for me. Don’t believe me? I actually wrote a whole blog post about how showing gratitude changed my life.


Wealth Is The Third Key To Happiness

Happiness can be dependent on wealth. When I say “wealth” I do not mean wealth in terms of being a billionaire, I mean the type of wealth that allows an individual to sustain themselves and their family. Although you can be happy if you are poor or struggling financially these states are usually accompanied by higher levels of stress and anxiety.

I feel that in order to maximize your happiness you must be able to survive without having to worry every day whether you will be evicted or be laid off from work. Having a steady income can relieve stress and allow for more positive feelings amongst an individual and their loved ones. Furthermore, debt can negatively affect happiness as it inhibits a persons ability to feel comfortable and secure.


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Are You Fulfilling These Three Areas?

I am not saying that a person can’t be happy without all of these things occurring, it is possible but to maximize your happiness I feel that you must partially or fully satisfy all three areas of your life. Furthermore, after speaking with many people about the concept of “happiness” it seems that health, wealth and relationships commonly come up in the conversation. So whether you feel these three elements drive happiness consciously or subconsciously, just understand they play an important part.


Are you maximizing your happiness? If you aren’t, do you think you are lacking in one of these areas?


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