Difficult Situations Can Help You Grow As An Individual
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Difficult Situations Can Help You Grow As An Individual


The Past Impacts Who You Are

Did you know that your past situations can shape who you are today? The way you react and the results of past situations can have a huge impact on the person you are today, even if you don’t notice it. Past situations do not define you as a person but they do influence the type of person you will become. Sometimes situations happen in our lives that cause a great deal of mental and physical anguish on us but the important thing is to recover and learn from your past. Your past can help you grow as an individual and it can affect you mentally and physically. All situations are different but the way you react to them can change your life as you adjust, become stronger, focus on the future and develop relationships.


The way you react to a situation can be a clear indicator of how the situation will result. It is important to adjust to a situation based on your needs and the potential consequences. Always remember not to think of how a situations results can benefit yourself but the repercussions it will have on others. Ethical behavior will decrease potential stress and ruined relationships. It is important to adapt to difficult situations in order to respond in the best possible way. Adjustment can be hard especially if this situation is a tragedy, but it is important to adapt and be positive because being discouraged for a long time can have negative consequences on your recovery. It is important to make an effort to adjust and accept the outcome of a situation in order to move on.


An individuals strength in a difficult situation is a crucial factor in overcoming the situation. Difficult circumstances test an individuals emotional, mental and physical strength. It is important to understand that everyone will be affected by tragedies differently, whether it is a change of events, death or failure. The important thing is not to be strong enough to make an easy decision but to be strong enough to get back up off the ground and keep moving forward. Strength is something that everyone possesses but sometimes it just takes some digging and confidence to find the strength you possess.


In addition, difficult situations occur all the time and these cannot be stopped, so you must focus on the future. It is critical to reflect on what went wrong and what you have learnt from the situation and then apply this gained knowledge in future circumstances. Always remember what has happened but don’t let it limit your future because you will be able to reflect on this situation to help you grow as a person. It is important to focus on changing your future for the better and not letting a situation define or restrain you. Focusing on how to move on and overcome a difficult situation is crucial to how it will affect you in the long run.


All difficult situations have an impact on your relationships whether or not the situation involves certain individuals or not. It has always been true that when something tragic happens in your life you will find out who is truly there for you. As Eric Clapton said,” nobody knows you when your down and out”. This suggestion may be true in some cases for example, if your tragedy is financial and you will find out quickly if people were only in your life because you were wealthy. Thus, it is important to understand that if relationships end due to certain circumstances these relationships were never meant to be. Difficult situations always bring new people into your lives who care and want to be part of both your ups and downs, so rejoice this. Therefore, it is important to keep close relationships with the ones you love, accept new people entering your life and don’t dwell on past relationships that weren’t meaningful.

Difficult Situations Can Help Your Grow

At the end of the day, difficult situations can be extremely hard to overcome because they are personal. Always remember that it is important to be strong through these tough times as they will help you grow as an individual. If you don’t believe me, I am living proof that tragedies can help you grow as a person. In grade nine I received an extremely bad concussion while playing rep hockey which changed my life. This concussion stopped me from playing sports and eventually lead me to dance. I still experience post-concussion symptoms to this day, even though I have been able to grow as an individual from this difficult situation.

Furthermore, I have been blessed to be able to recover to this point and grow from this difficult situation that occurred years ago. I never let this situations outcome stop me from me from living my life; as I am currently finishing up my degree, working in a marketing position for a great company and running my own company; Urban-Expression and The Dance Link. All tragedies differ and they affect everyone differently but at the end of the day, the way you respond to a situation will help you grow and move on with your life.

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