Wayne Tran on Becoming a Taekwon-do Champion, Excelling in Martial Arts and Optimizing your life.

Wayne Tran on Becoming a Taekwon-do Champion, Excelling in Martial Arts and Optimizing your life.


In this episode of the podcast, Wayne Tran comes on to discuss his journey to becoming a Taekwon-do World Champion, how anyone can succeed in martial arts (from an instructor’s perspective), and the importance of growing as a person while optimizing your mind and body. Wayne and Bradley go way back so this was a great conversation about everything from how to learn a new skill, habits that have changed our life, social media strategies, and books that have impacted our lives!

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💯 Question of the Day: “Why wait?”
📱 App of the day: “Down Dog” is a freemium yoga app.
📚 Book of the day: “Shoe Dog by Phil Knight, “The Obstacle is the Way” by Ryan Holiday & “Can’t hurt me” by David Goggins


About Wayne Tran:

“Wayne Tran is the owner of Tran’s Taekwon-Do. He focuses on bringing high-quality training to Taekwon-Do athletes. The goal is to provide a platform for people to improve and feel empowered in Taekwon-Do. Wayne is a National Taekwon-Do Champion and has his eyes set on winning a Gold medal at the next World Championship. He hopes that more and more people see the beauty of Taekwon-Do and that this art doesn’t discriminate. It is suitable for all ages, any gender, any size, and all levels of athleticism.”


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